Saturday, 21 February 2015

Half Term

I have still had to work, so I don't get to enjoy a full week with the boys (they'd probably drive me mad if I did), but we do get to enjoy more time together than during term time. It has been perfect timing for us and very much needed. I've been guilty of spending next to no quality time with them this past month or so, the house move took over completely.

It has been a good week and we've managed to fit in some fun things that we wouldn't normally do.

My friend invited us along to a pancake party that was being held in a local church. I was surprised to find out that it was free, I expected once I was inside to pay for drinks and such but there was merely a few donation pots.

The children got to enjoy a bouncy castle, playdoh and crafts. We came home with a cow (which was far to tricky for them), a paper plate chicken and a pretty cross made from lolly pop sticks. There was also pancakes, and although we had to queue for a while we all managed to enjoy one. My friend and I enjoyed a much needed coffee and the children had a squash. I couldn't believe it was all entirely free, and unsurprisingly it was very busy. I'd have happily paid for the pancakes and coffees or a small entrance fee. I will definitely be on the look out for more events like these in the holidays.

Thursday we attended an indoor seaside day. This cost £1 and there was lots inside to entertain the children for the full two hours. A bouncy castle which was very well organised, with children of similar sizes being let on together. He even cleared it off to let my friends baby have a go with none of the older children. There was a surf board - like bucking bronto, hook a duck with prizes of chocolate, hula hoops, Punch and Judy and other entertainment. Sumo suits, face painting and a small ball pit and soft toys for the babies. There was 2 sessions and all 200 tickets sold out for both sessions, so it was very busy.

The children really enjoyed both events, and it felt like a real treat. Which it was, but these kind of things usually cost a fortune. They were impeccably well behaved and surprised me with their independence. Despite all the people they were happy to wander off and explore, queue for the things that they wanted to do and join in without any encouragement from me. They made me so proud.

Today we plan to go swimming which I don't really like at all but they love and its gets us out of the house. It's also another cheap activity as they attend swimming lessons they get free entry to the pool so it's only myself I need to pay for.

Tomorrow I'll have to catch up on some jobs unfortunately but I hope to fit in some crafts with them before they go back to school. I have a couple of ideas of things we can do.

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