Saturday, 21 February 2015

Half Term

I have still had to work, so I don't get to enjoy a full week with the boys (they'd probably drive me mad if I did), but we do get to enjoy more time together than during term time. It has been perfect timing for us and very much needed. I've been guilty of spending next to no quality time with them this past month or so, the house move took over completely.

It has been a good week and we've managed to fit in some fun things that we wouldn't normally do.

My friend invited us along to a pancake party that was being held in a local church. I was surprised to find out that it was free, I expected once I was inside to pay for drinks and such but there was merely a few donation pots.

The children got to enjoy a bouncy castle, playdoh and crafts. We came home with a cow (which was far to tricky for them), a paper plate chicken and a pretty cross made from lolly pop sticks. There was also pancakes, and although we had to queue for a while we all managed to enjoy one. My friend and I enjoyed a much needed coffee and the children had a squash. I couldn't believe it was all entirely free, and unsurprisingly it was very busy. I'd have happily paid for the pancakes and coffees or a small entrance fee. I will definitely be on the look out for more events like these in the holidays.

Thursday we attended an indoor seaside day. This cost £1 and there was lots inside to entertain the children for the full two hours. A bouncy castle which was very well organised, with children of similar sizes being let on together. He even cleared it off to let my friends baby have a go with none of the older children. There was a surf board - like bucking bronto, hook a duck with prizes of chocolate, hula hoops, Punch and Judy and other entertainment. Sumo suits, face painting and a small ball pit and soft toys for the babies. There was 2 sessions and all 200 tickets sold out for both sessions, so it was very busy.

The children really enjoyed both events, and it felt like a real treat. Which it was, but these kind of things usually cost a fortune. They were impeccably well behaved and surprised me with their independence. Despite all the people they were happy to wander off and explore, queue for the things that they wanted to do and join in without any encouragement from me. They made me so proud.

Today we plan to go swimming which I don't really like at all but they love and its gets us out of the house. It's also another cheap activity as they attend swimming lessons they get free entry to the pool so it's only myself I need to pay for.

Tomorrow I'll have to catch up on some jobs unfortunately but I hope to fit in some crafts with them before they go back to school. I have a couple of ideas of things we can do.

Monday, 9 February 2015

New Chapter

So this time last week I was absolutely exhausted after having spent the day moving into our new house. Moving is incredibly hard work, and I spent half of the day in floods of tears because it was all too much for me. I was forced into a situation that I didn't chose, forced to find a new house and begin my life again – it all became too real and I felt like I couldn't cope.

A week later though and I've already personalised it a little, not much because it takes time doesn't it? The living room has had the most attention, with new curtains, fairy lights, cushions and little tea light holders. Previously we had red tea lights and bits in the lounge and I didn't want to bring these bits with me. I needed something I had chosen myself, something that was ALL me, so I chose purple and green. Nothing was personalised in my previous house, it never felt like home and I am determined not to make the same mistake this time. My house, needs to be my home, I need it to be my happy place.

The boys got a bunk bed which they absolutely love. Bedding that they chose themselves, little robot lights and lampshade. Little touches that could immediately make it special for them. Yesterday we built a cupboard and put together a third floor playroom, which is all organised and pretty cool. They have loads of space to play, we just need some artwork, or stickers to jazz it up a little.

I have lots of ideas of things I want, colours schemes and such however I can't do it all at once. It's not feasible or affordable. So the small touches will have to do for now, and overtime I will get it just how I like it.

Where would you recommend for pretty but cheapish pictures, I have no pictures at all that I can put up and I definitely need some to brighten up the walls.

So after all my tears on the first day, I am slowly getting used to being here. I have kept myself incredibly busy so there has been no time at all where I have been thinking dwelling on it. At some point I will just need to stop and relax. I find my own company quite hard to be in, this is something I need to learn to change. My house, needs to become my home and I believe in time it will and in time I will find my own company okay and not dread the days where I don't have plans.


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Name 3 things – famous crushes as a teenager

themadhouseofcatsandbabies has come up with a good link this week, and has made me delve back a few years to when  I was a teenager.

This could be an embarrassing one, actually this is going to be an embarrassing one.

1. Peter Andre – I know, I know you don't have to say it. But he was all floppy air, six pack and what's a teenage girl meant to do. I had a giant poster of his on my wall.

2. Lee from 911 – gosh what was his surname? Brennan. I remember having a poster of him on my wall, and it falling down one night and scaring the hell out of me.

3. Shane Filan – You know the dashingly handsome one from Westlife. This teenage crush however didn't go away. I still think he's absolutely gorgeous now. There is just something about him that even as a fully grown adult makes me swoon.

Seems like I like fresh faced, floppy hair boys . I would like to hope my tastes have improved over the years, but I can't promise they have. Although I definitely go for a manlier look these days.

The English Language

I've always known it to be completely confusing and wondered how people every manage to learn it. It has become more apparent recently though.

Since entering year 1, J has been getting spellings weekly and most of them are words you just have to know. I can't explain why they are spelt the way they are. Those phonics they teach feel useless too, as half of the words can't be sounded out.

The past couple of weeks have been particularly confusing.

Last few weeks we have had words such as; coin, join, foil and soil. I explained to him this is an OI sound and which letters to use. This week he has got Toy, Boy etc. and when I asked him to spell them he wrote 'boiy' 'toiy', so remember what he had previously learnt about the sound. Only for me to confuse matters by explaining its the same sound but different letters.

Other examples are:

Made, paid, stay. They all have the A sound but are spelt differently. How is a five year old meant to get their heads around that? How did we ever get ours around it? I sometimes wonder how we just know how to spell such words.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can help him understand? I'm finding it incredibly hard to help him in a way he can understand. I know that he does the test and the words are gone from his mind almost instantly as he is so intent on learning the next batch.

Year 1 homework and it's already causing me stress, what will it be like next year when I have two of them coming out with homework.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Makeup Bag

During my packing this morning I emptied the contents of my makeup bag onto the floor. Half of the stuff I never use and I looked at it and thought this needs a serious overhaul. This was the contents.

So I had a little sort out and now I only have stuff in my bag that I use, not all of it I use daily but most of it I do.

Take a look at what is inside.

My favourite item without a doubt is my urban palette. I am not a big spender on makeup, as I was never sure the expense was justified. However in an impulse moment I ordered the Naked palette and I haven't regretted it for one second. At almost £40, I managed to justify it by breaking down what each colour was worth. I have used it almost daily since it arrived, both for daytime wear and evening wear. Since owning the palette I have started blending, I never used to use different colours or shades but I am now a lover of the different effects you can create. It was worth every penny and I will buy it again when mine runs out, which wont be for ages.

I ventured into boots a few months ago and into the No 7 range, I was baffled by the number of foundations. I had already decided to change as I wasn't loving my previous foundation and decided to get the colour match done. It was so easy and took the hassle out of choosing the right shade. They also tested the foundation on my skin to make sure I was happy before I made my purchase. I opted for the stay perfect foundation, as I never touch my makeup up throughout the day. This is the first time I've ever used one of the counters, they are not exactly common place in our small town but I will definably be doing it in the future.

Currently I am using a Barry M mascara, purely because it came free when I purchased some nail varnishes. If I am honest I don't love it, I have tested many different mascaras and haven't found one I completely love yet. Maybe I need to venture into the next price bracket? What are your favourite mascaras?

This year I plan to gradually improve my makeup and skincare, by buying a few decent key pieces. I hear primer is good, I didn't even know what it was until recently. This is something I will be considering as a purchase in the future.

So what are you must have makeup items and why? I would love to hear about them, so I can look into them and see if they may suit me.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Frame it Friday

For me the choice is obvious this week. My Frame it Friday (yes I know it's now Sunday) is getting the amazing news of securing a house.

After months of stress, tears and frustration I was at the point where I feared we'd be homeless. It had got to such a scary place for me that when my ex husband offered us to go and stay with him if worst came to it; I seriously considering it. That is how desperate I felt.

However I viewed a property a week last Wednesday and received a call first thing Saturday morning telling me my application had been successful and the landlord had chosen me over the other applicants.

The house is gorgeous and quirky. Three floors and lots of steps throughout, there is something about steps in houses that I just love. Since getting the good news I have been frantically packing as I move two weeks tomorrow and I am away for the weekend prior to the move. Bunk beds have been ordered ad received, new bedding and lamp shades for the boys have been purchased. Then today I purchased myself a gorgeous lamp for my bedroom.

My mind is constantly racing with ideas of what I want to do and buy, my colour schemes have been chosen and I can't wait to get in there and make is MY home. Where I am now was never made into a home and I am not making that mistake again.

New chapter of my life is about to begin and I'm going to make sure its a good one.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


I am starting my new course very soon, module one is sat in my inbox waiting for me to get started. This led me to dreaming about pretty new stationary. I do love a pretty notebook, I rarely buy them as they end up sitting around untouched or with only a few pages every used.

I ventured over to paperchase online for some inspiration – a very dangerous move because immediately I fell in love with a notebook. It's a linen cover, with beautiful butterflies adorning it. I have a slight addiction to butterflies.

It's a good job my purse was not within reaching distance as this notebook wasn't the only one I fell in love with. I almost tried to justify needing a cute mini notebook with an owl, a spiral bound notebook and the butterfly one. I could have a different notebook for every occasion. Of course I'd have added some pretty pens to my basket as well and before I know it I'd have spent a fortune.

Unfortunately I can't justify £10 + P&P for a pretty notebook. I am going to have to settle for a cheaper one from one of the supermarkets. Which ultimately will do the same thing, allow me to scribble down my thoughts and idea and thats what is most important.